Our Summer Intern's production project

During the time that our summer interns, Ethan and Ian, were with us we asked them to take on a challenging project.  Their mission was to re-create a scene from a film of their choosing.  Their task was to storyboard their production, plan a shooting schedule and execute the production with the equipment we have here in the studio.

There was just one little catch; they had to use the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera to shoot.

Ethan and Ian wound up choosing the hand burning scene from Fight Club, we thought it was a good choice since it had a variety of angles and was contained to one location.  When production camera around, the young filmmakers learned a good lesson on technique versus expensive technology. It’s about understanding the concept of filmmaking and not the tools.

Once shooting was completed, Ethan and Ian were required to use Avid’s Media Composer as their editing software. The Media Composer is a tough software to learn, but if you understand the simple concept of editing, there’s not much to making a great film. When the final edit was completed they finished the film in Da Vinci Resolve.

Without further ado, Contender is proud to present Ethan and Ian’s adaptation of Fight Club.