Our editors are experienced storytellers that lead all facets of our post-production work to cut and assemble raw footage into impactful creations. Through collaboration, we’ll arrange and shape materials with the most engaging and unforgettable moments, ensuring that your story never gets lost. From digital videos to television spots, our editors use Avid Media Composer and industry-standard guidelines to polish footage for any visual medium or output.


With equal parts technique and art, our colorists transform the mood and emotion of a piece through a detailed understanding of pixels, digital file formats, the science of light, and more. Colorists have a holistic understanding of how light and color affect how we perceive information, using this skill to manipulate audiences into feeling specific emotions and distinct reactions. Our experts know how to whittle, carve, and engineer files and images using Da Vinci Resolve to create artistic works that enhance all of our post-production capabilities.


VFX artists have trained eyes that see the unnoticed to create life-like images effects that supplement or enhance visual creations. These artists trick the mind to perceive computer-generated images as reality while hurtling the story forward. Contender’s VFX, created with Maya, After Effects, and Fusion, are used as an extra component in our work.


Our animators are masters of motion, understanding how to exaggerate objects and movements to create life and meaning to projects. Animators manipulate time, distance and speed through After Effects and Maya to build seamless movements that add a whole new layer of information to content.


From audio post-production, voiceover recording, sound design, music editing, mixing, and more, our audio capabilities capture your brand’s voice in pristine quality. Whether it’s on-location recording or a session in our in-house recording studio, our engineers can handle all your audio needs. With decades of experience under their belts, our engineers use industry-standard equipment and software like Avid ProTools HDX V12—which seamlessly integrates workflows between audio and editorial departments—to create media for any format from broadcast television to radio to online streaming, and more.


From directing digital content to principal photography, we have the experience and technology to produce riveting cinematography, digital content and visual identities. Our selection of cameras includes a RED DRAGON® and BLACKMAGIC for shooting ultra-HD, enabling us to easily create cinematic work.